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About Quick Pest Control Sydney

Quick Pest Control is a reliable company that offers the most effective pest control solutions at affordable prices. We are an experienced company and serve both commercial and residential clients. Some of the services offered by our company are ant control, silverfish control, bird nesting control, spider control, etc. We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee by utilising the most practical and safe methods of pest control.

No one can beat us in terms of quality and client servicing. We customise the pest control Sydney treatment plan and ensure that desired result is obtained. In the Sydney region, our professionals reach everywhere and make the properties pest-free. We have a loyal client base that chooses our company over others because of the convenience that we provide them. From an instant quote to same-day booking, our licensed company make the entire procedure hassle-free for business and house owners.

Licensed and Experienced Company

Quick Pest Control Sydney is a licensed company that abides by all the rules and regulations set by the authorities regarding pest control. We have the license to tackle protected species like possums. Our company uses ethical and approved practices to exterminate pests.

We have been offering a wide range of pest control treatments for more than 20 years. We incorporate the latest technology with our expertise to eradicate the pesky pests present on the property. Our company has experience in removing, exterminating and relocating different kinds of pests.

Licensed and Experienced Company

Areas We Serve

Our service area is not restricted to just the main parts of Sydney city. Our company also provides services to the suburbs areas. People living in Merrylands, Beecroft, Narrabeen, Yagoona, Camellia, Potts Hill, Bankstown, Mays Hill and Oatlands can also contact Quick Pest Control Sydney. Our quality standards remain the same everywhere. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in the suburban areas that choose our services frequently.


Our Services

Quick Pest Control Sydney is known for its premium-class services. Our list of services covers almost all the pests that a property owner would want to eliminate. Wasp control, birds nesting control, end of lease pest control, commercial pest control, bed bugs control, residential pest control, bee removal, spider control, moth control, same day pest control, borer control, ant control, silverfish control, rat removal, rodent control, flea control, cockroach control, bees control, dead animal removal, and possum removal are some popular services offered by our dependable company.

In all our services, we maintain high quality. Our experts follow steps such as inspection, preparation of a treatment plan, pest extermination and post-treatment assessment. The services offered by our company might take around 2-3 days. After a few days, the customers can see a magical reduction in the number of pests.

Highly-Trained and Friendly Professionals

We understand the importance of pest control treatments. This is why we always hire experienced professionals. We even provide them with regular training to inform them about the latest innovations and products related to pest control. Our experts know how to select and use pesticides in the perfect quantity without affecting human health.

The team at Quick Pest Control Sydney helps customers in many ways. The experts answer all the queries of the customers in a friendly manner. They convey the procedure to the customers so that transparency is maintained. The pest control specialists always ask about the preferences and health conditions of the customers. Then, our professionals prepare a personalised pest control plan.

Environment-Friendly Pest Control Treatments

Some pesticides are banned because they are harsh on the environment. Non-biodegradable pesticides remain in the soil or floor for a long time. They have strong fumes and odours. The pest controllers at Quick Pest Control Sydney never encourage the use of dangerous products. Our experts make use of odourless and organic pesticides. Our team pays special attention to the selection of products.

We are a responsible pest control company and we try to resolve pest infestation humanely. Our specialists remove birds, bees, possums and other pests from a property and transfer them to an isolated place. Apart from chemicals, our team uses heat, low temperature, traps and ultrasonic devices to remove the pests.

Best Pest Management Methods in Sydney

Professionals at Quick Pest Control utilise different methods to exterminate pests. Some of our methods involve chemicals while some don’t. The very first and basic method is to use pesticides. We spray pesticides directly over the pests. Dusting is another method where we make holes in the floor and walls. Liquid or dry insecticides and insect growth regulators are sprayed directly on some specific spots.

Other kinds of pesticides are organic pesticides that are safe for the environment. Diatomaceous earth, Nicotine sulphate, Pyrethrum and Rotenone are some examples of organic pesticides that are extensively used by farmers.

Some modern pest control methods are freezing treatment and heating treatment. In these methods, extremely low or extremely high temperature is used to kill pests such as white ants and bed bug. Apart from these methods, ultrasonic devices are also used by experts to repel pests. The sound produced by the device is not bearable by pests like birds, rodents, etc.

Affordable Pest Control Services

At Quick Pest Control Sydney, we provide advanced pest control solutions at budget-friendly prices. To execute our pest control treatments, our experts use top-notch pesticides, rodenticides, insect growth regulators, etc. But, we keep the price in an affordable range. We tell you the final price only after analysing different factors such as property size, treatment type, pest type and the severity of pest infestation. Our customers have always liked our pricing strategies and hire us every time they face the problem of pest infestation.

Same Day or Emergency Pest Control Services

Our company is aware of the threats posed by pest infestation. This is why we want to treat pest infestation as early as possible. Our facility of booking the service on the same day helps people in getting rid of annoying pests quickly. The booking of the service could be done online. A contact form is given on our website. Just fill out the details in the contact form and send it. Our team quickly responds to every booking query and assists the customers politely.

Best Dead Animal Removal in Sydney

The presence of a dead animal could be problematic for the residents of a house or the customers and employees of an office. After all, the odours released from the dead animal’s body could be intolerable. The microbes such as bacteria and viruses gather around a dead animal body and start a procedure known as decomposition. This rotting of a body is bad for health. Our professionals know various methods of disposal of dead animals. We remove the carcass and sanitise the place. The sanitisers sprayed by our specialists can disinfect the place.

Trusted Pest Control Services for Commercial and Residential Places

Our company offers multiple effective solutions to eliminate pests such as ants, spiders, rodents, silverfish, etc. We have seen how borer damage office furniture, ants ruin the food inventory and rodents chew the clothes inventory in commercial places. Quick Pest Control provides a complete pest control package for commercial places like factories, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. Our services are beneficial in preventing the health risks and property damage that pests are known to cause.

Not only commercial places but residential areas are also served by our company. The experts inspect the houses and find out the root cause of pest infestation. To maintain everyone’s safety, our company uses tested and approved products. Kids, pets and asthma patients can prefer our pest control treatments.

Trusted Pest Control Services

Excellent Customer Service

We are a company that keeps customer satisfaction at the top. The doubts and queries raised by our customers are addressed by our customer care team immediately. Our team explains everything to the customers. From resolving the complaints to resolving your payment method problems, our team would help you in each step.

Available 365 Days a Year

Quick Pest Control Sydney works tirelessly to make properties pest-free in and around Sydney. Customers can hire our experts on weekends and public holidays. Our availability throughout the year makes us different from others. Whether the infestation is severe or mild, our customers can contact us on any day of the year. There is also no need to worry about timing. Our team provides service at the time slot preferred by the client.

Get an Instant Quote

Do you want a quote for a service? Just have a word with our executive and we will send you a quote for free. You can compare the price with other companies. If you feel satisfied, we will happily assist you with the further procedure.

Positive Customer Reviews

We let our work speak for our credibility. You can find positive testimonials for our company and services on our website and the internet. Our customers happily give their positive feedback for our services because we leave no stone unturned when it comes to pest control.

Pest control is the need of the hour. From allergies to infections, pest infestation can be the reason for various health hazards. Quick Pest Control Sydney could be a perfect choice for house owners and business owners. Our experts would eradicate the pest species with help of advanced methods. Now that you know about our company, give our services a try by booking them today!

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