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Ants, cockroaches, and spiders are common pests but imagine the fright of having hordes of bees around. These buzzing critters are especially active in the height of spring. You might often find one or two actively floating around their hives. And if you accidentally disturb them, they can give you painful stings that can cause allergic reactions and might turn serious. At quick pest control Sydney we offer many pest eradication treatments. Our bee removal Sydney services have excellent technically trained specialists who do a proficient removal job at reasonable rates.

Bees are very valuable and form an integral part of our ecosystem. They are natural pollinators and have a multitude of uses. At quick pest control Sydney services we try to solve the bee infestation problem in the most humane way by removing them causing no harm. Our highly skilled team uses the most effective techniques and ways that safely remove the bees from your premises and relocate them to a distance where they can thrive and be an active member of the ecological cycle. Reach us at the best bee removal service in Sydney and request a quote!

Exactly what are Bees?

Australia is home to around 1600 species of bees and out of this 11 varieties do not sting. Bees are very important for mankind as they are natural pollinators and pollinate millions of acres of agricultural crops, increasing their sustainability and contributing to biodiversity. A substantial percentage of the food supply from plants and crops that humans consume is dependent on pollination done by insects and bees are the maximum contributors.

When you see a swarm of bees it is a routine part of their natural cycle of reproduction of bee colonies. The colonies swarm in spring as the weather turns warmer and there is an abundance of pollen and nectar.

Not all bees give honey but it is the main reason they hold a lot of value for humans.  It is a natural sweetener and has lots of healing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic properties. It is used by many for treating health issues like throat infections, bronchial asthma, eye diseases, hiccups, thirst, tuberculosis, dizziness, fatigue, hepatitis, worm infections, constipation and hemorrhoids, wounds, ulcer, eczema, etc

Beeswax from bees has been used in waterproofing and fuel and is also found as an ingredient in skincare products. Other beneficial products of bees include bee pollen, bee venom, royal jelly, and propolis, which is a resin bee make.

Quick pest control Sydney professionals have a good understanding of the utility of bees as well as their habits. For any urgent need for bee removal, you can reach our same-day bee removal Sydney services and get excellent execution.

Bees in Sydney: What Attracts Them

Bees are useful creatures but also a huge problem especially when a swarm of them attacks your residence or commercial properties. Bees are magnetized by smells and colors. Wearing floral prints or having floral fragrances is a major attractor for bees. Many fruity-smelling aftershaves, sunscreen creams or lotions, shampoos, and perfumes draw the attention of bees. Shining and shimmering objects like jewelry, belts, and buckles also attract bees. It is wiser to wear less bright colors to ward off bees. Beekeepers resort to wearing white garments or accessories for this reason.

Bees are naturally drawn to flowers because of pollen. They love to hover over zinnias, asters, and daisies. If you want to ward off bee activity planting peppermint plants, is a good way. Other remedies are using cucumber peels, cinnamon powder, crushed garlic, marigold plants, or using baby oil and vanilla smeared on your skin, etc.

Bees love sugary and sweet things. If you have dirty and open-lidded garbage cans full of garbage in them, these attract bees. So proper trash disposal is a good practice .So if you are worried about a recent bee infestation don’t hesitate to call us at quick pest control Sydney.

How Dangerous Are Bees?

Bees become disruptors, dangerous, and a menace as they attack our offices or homes. They frequent lawns or external yards of your property and quickly increase in number.

They are not aggressive by nature like wasps but if they feel something threatens their security they may attack and give you painful stings.

The stings can cause allergic reactions that could be a great deal of discomfort that might require medical intervention. As a leading pest-eradicating service we at quick pest control Sydney are adept at handling all categories of critters and bugs.

Remember you are safer if you detect early signs of bee presence. If you notice an unusually large number of bees hovering around your home, it indicates you have a colony or hive somewhere.

Why Choose Quick Pest control

 Bees are not only unnerving and irritating they also carry pathogenic organisms and germs on them. Once you know you have bees it is no resting easy matter. These are colony insects and need expert handling from experts like Bee Removal Sydney services to completely remove them from your property.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Bee Removal Experts

Bees are all right till they feel threatened. Then they get into attacking mode inflicting painful stings that can land you in trouble. As inexperienced people, most of us do not have thorough knowledge or skills to understand how best we can handle bees. So hiring the best bee removal service in Sydney specialists ensures professional eradication and has many benefits.

Have a humane approach

If you use sprays on bees it kills them. Professional bee removal experts take care to not cause any harm to bees. They remove the bee hive with utmost effort to not harm the bees. They eventually relocate it at a distance away from the area of infestation. So with minimum loss of bee lives the ecological cycle and system are maintained and preserved at the new place.

You might bring more trouble

One sting means a painful bump for a few hours. It is not the question of one sting since a hive means many bees, multiple stings, and bee venom on your skin. Symptoms may get severe with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or even fever. For sensitive persons, it can also cause breathing discomfort or heart issues that might require medical attention. So you might avoid all this by calling a professional bee removal service.

It might get dangerous when you spray

Most of us would have seldom knowledge about what is really inside the hives and in what quantity. What might seem like an empty hive might contain the killer species that cause serious harm. As you spray you rustle them and they might attack you in an angry group putting your life and those of your family at risk by chasing you from the site to indoors. Our bee removal Sydney service experts will handle it expertly with complete safety as they wear the right protective gear that allows removal with no harm.

Why Should You Hire Us For Bee Removal?

Quick pest control Sydney is a brand you can trust at all times for all categories of pests in your homes, offices, and commercial properties. We have a dedicated team of committed professionals who execute the task with safety, excellence, and clean and hygienic techniques with complete customer satisfaction. The benefits of choosing the best bee removal service in Sydney are-

  • A dedicated and licensed technical team of knowledgeable service personnel
  • Over two decades of professional experience
  • Employ safe and eco-friendly solutions and techniques
  • Round-the-clock services including weekends and holidays
  • Affordable service plans
  • Emergency and same-day requests at short notice
  • Valuable suggestion post-treatment
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Get in touch with us at quick pest control Sydney today!

The Most Effective Method for Removing Bee

Bee removal unlike other pests is tricky and risky. It can go terribly wrong if done right as it involves these stinging insects in large numbers. One wrong move can get the bees very agitated. Here are a few handy hints from us at quick pest control Sydney to help you prevent bee invasion.

Sanitation is the key

A well kept and hygienic place keeps pest off your property. Keeping your gardens, garages and external yards clean and neat, using vacuum to clean your interiors are good practices. Proper disposal of garbage, keeping trash clans clean and tightly lidded, washing your dust pans are small measures that drive pests like bees away.

Using adhesive for smaller infestation

For milder infestation of bees where the numbers are few using adhesive method can help in removing the bees. Once these stick on to the adhesive, you can dispose of the bag safely.

Using plants to deter bees

Bees get repelled by a few plant smells. Using lavender or peppermint sprays liberally keeps bees away from your homes.

Using heat

Washing and sanitizing the bee infected area with hot water can be useful. Heat application to infected areas drives bees away. The hot water should be applied suddenly not slowly.

For severe bee infestation it is advisable to hire quick pest control Sydney experts. Call today and let us help you!

We Provide Same-Day and Emergency Bee Removal Services in Sydney

During late spring and summer bees are nesting and get aggressive. Any hive that is close to your office or home puts you at risk from any possible attack.

Bee removal Sydney professionals are adept at handling bees from small to large infestation. Your safety is of paramount importance to us at quick pest control Sydney. Our service same day bee removal team reaches your property within an hour of booking the request. Our emergency services understand the need to give assistance in all times and we keep our charges very reasonable.

Residential Bee Removal Service in Sydney

Bee infestation can set residential property owners in a fix if the bees are in large numbers. Our quick residential bee removal service in Sydney guarantees 100% removal using the safest methods. We are customer oriented and are backed by trained staff who are available round the clock. Once they reach your premises they inspect the bee infestation and devise a plan for removal. Within a few hours, you are given relief from the menace of bees.

Emergency Bee Removal Services in Sydney

Bees can be aggressive and scare owners of private residences or commercial spaces. We provide reliable and effective emergency bee removal services for urgent cases. Our specialist team reaches the premises and removes the bees in the shortest possible time, ensuring respite to harried customers. Call today now and let us assist you!

Same-Day Bee Removal in Sydney

If you have sudden development of bee issues, you can safely place a request with our same-day bee removal services for all areas of Sydney. Our team at short notice reaches your place and removes the bee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I remove a beehive from my Sydney property?

Ans. Beehives that have been on your property for a long time can be difficult to eliminate. Look for an experienced bee removal expert in Sydney such as Quick Pest Control.

2. What should you avoid doing after spotting a beehive on your property?

Ans. Do not attack them or pour water over them. Also do not use chemical sprays or any kind of liquids. If they feel attacked, they will gather other bees and sting whoever is nearby. Contact Quick Pest Control in case you spot beehives in your property and you need professional assistance for bee removal and control for your Sydney property.

3. Is the treatment safe for our children, pests, and elders in the family?

Yes, we take utmost care and precaution to ensure no harm comes to you or your family and pets.

4. What should one do if they have been stung by a bee?

Ans. In case you are stung by a bee, you should put on an ice pack or some cold-water compress on the swollen area to reduce the swelling. Also straightaway apply anti-inflammatory ointments to control the discomfort and itchiness.

5. How long does a typical bee sting last?

Ans. The pain, swelling, redness, irritation and discomfort last for 2 days after which they start settling slowly.

6. What are the common bee species in Sydney?

Ans. There are 200 native bee species in Sydney. Some of them include stingless bees (tetragonula carbonaria), teddy bear bees, blue banded bees, cuckoo, leaf cutter, and resin bees.

7. How much does a bee removal service in Sydney cost?

Ans. Our bee removal service at quick pest control Sydney is the most effective for commercial and residential spaces. We believe in customer satisfaction and use cutting-edge methods to provide excellent execution. We offer our services round the clock and quote our price after inspection and assessing the area to be treated. Our rates are reasonable and call in for a request today!

8. Can I remove bees by myself?

Ans. Bees usually hover in large numbers and if they feel threatened can give you stings that can land you in trouble with health complications. It is advisable to not tackle bees on your own and take the assistance of professional bee removal experts.

9. What are the risks of a bee infestation?

Ans. Bees can attack humans if they feel threatened. Stings from bees can give allergic symptoms that can include painful stings, fever, nausea, breathing discomfort, dizziness to even heart problems.

10. Do bee removal services offer a guarantee?

Ans. Yes, the bee removal service offers a month’s guarantee after the bees have been removed. This is in case bees recreate a hive in the place where was treated.

11. How can I prevent bees from infesting my property?

Ans. Using peppermint oil, crushed garlic, and lavender sprays keeps bees away. Keeping sugary sweet food covered and well disposed of helps. Wearing light clothes and using cinnamon fragrance keeps bees away.

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