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Pest birds such as starlings, mynas, blackbirds, and rock pigeons are a common phenomenon in Australia. They are responsible for considerable damage to commercial and residential properties. The huge droppings that they leave all over the place not just impart the place with an ugly appearance but also create hygiene issues for the residents of the property. Their excreta can clog gutters creating leakages from the roofs which also deteriorates their quality. If you have sighted any such birds that are causing damage to your property, you need to opt for bird control Sydney services. We at Quick Pest Control Sydney offer reliable, affordable and first-rate solutions for bird nesting problems suffered by businesses, residences, and industrial establishments from time to time.

Scheduling an appointment for your property is way easy and can be done with a single phone call. Just give us a call on 0480031948 for fixing an appointment with the bird removal Sydney experts. Services for the same also can be scheduled by filling up our online booking form available on our website.

Hazards Linked with Bird Nesting Infestation

Bird nesting is a serious issue faced by many households and commercial establishments all over Australia. Not to mention, these birds can also be a huge cause of discomfort and nuisance created due to the noise they make when in large flocks. We at Quick Pest Control Sydney always vouch for professional services once you experience bird nesting issues. Listed ahead are some serious hazards linked with birds nesting infestation:

  • Birds carry insects and disease-causing germs and bacteria. Cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, E.coli., and histoplasmosis are some diseases that can be caused due to bird pests. They can get fleas, ticks, and bird mites into the property which can spread other diseases.
  • Bird droppings have acidic content which can erode the surfaces of automobiles, doors, windows, areas like porches, verandas, indoor balconies, etc. do not come out without cleaning or wiping them down.
  • Birds with their droppings and germs also degrade the indoor air quality of your property.
  • The material pest birds use for making nests is toxic too and has a damaging effect on the structure of your property.
  • Buildings, automobiles, and machinery undergo considerable damage due to bird droppings and nesting material.
  • Their droppings can choke plumbing and gutters which can give rise to potential fire hazards and swamping.

Look For These Signs of Birds Nesting on Your Premises

These are the signs of birds nesting on your premises that you should not ignore. Availing of professional care for warding off this infestation is key to getting long-term respite from these pests:

  1. The surest indicator of a bird nesting infestation on your property is an upsurge in the number of other bugs and pests including fleas, ants, ticks, bed bugs, moths, carpet beetles, rodents, and many more.
  2. Bird excreta, nesting supplies, and plumage can be spotted all over your property, which is another sign that pest birds are breeding there.
  3. Another indication of a possible bird infestation in your home is an awful odour that permeates your entire property without any explanation.
  4. Another blatant symptom of a bird nesting infestation is seeing large flocks of birds roosting, moving, or flying within your home.
  5. Nests along window frames, ledges of buildings, HVAC units, etc.

Factors That Attract Birds to Your Property

  1. Pet food bowls are kept on the outside parts of the property.
  2. Bird feeders are placed in verandas and porches.
  3. Any uncovered garbage bins or trash cans outside the property may provide food to pest birds.

Common Spots Birds Use for Hiding:

These are the common spots in your property used by pest birds for hiding:

  1. Rooftops or eaves
  2. They can use gutters, attics, and other inaccessible places in the property to make their nests.
  3. Ventilation shafts, chimneys, and damaged shingles are some other places they can hide and breed in.

The Bird Nesting Control Process Followed by Quick Pest Control Sydney Professionals

Pest birds can be as bothersome, obnoxious, and downright abhorrent as any other pest which is why their removal should be entrusted to a reliable bird removal Sydney expert. We at Quick Pest Control Sydney make sure to follow the below-mentioned process for the removal of pest birds from different premises:


The property is inspected by our bird pest treatment specialists to determine what species of bird pests have infested the area. The team also charts the damage the property endured due to these birds.  They look at every aspect of your home that birds might find appealing. This is an important stage since it aids in selecting the appropriate corrective strategies for managing the infestation.

Bird Control Sydney

For the bird nesting service, our bird removal and control specialists have the appropriate equipment and chemicals needed. The team makes use of traps, baits, bird spikes, installation of bird netting, deterrents, and electronic repellents. Quick Pest Control Sydney uses environmental techniques that don’t hurt the environment or the pets you have at home.


This step entails the re-inspection of the property including the treated area to be inspected once again. Following this, the infested area is sanitized with industrial-grade chemicals which restores the hygiene levels of the area to how they were before the bird nesting infestation.

Why Choose Quick Pest Control Sydney for Bird Removal Sydney?

Birds are a constant source of nuisance and stress for those property owners whose properties are invaded by pest birds.

  • We are a local, certified, and licensed bird removal agency.
  • All of our bird removal and control techniques aim to keep pest birds away from your property and discourage them from feeding or breeding there.
  • All the products used for the bird control assignments are both quite effective and safe for the birds. We do not mean to cause any damage to the birds or the environment.
  • We are up for providing same-day bird control services to every client requiring it.
  • Each of our bird control and removal services is priced at economical and reasonable rates.

Our Affordable Bird Nesting Control Sydney Solutions

Bird nesting material lying all over the place can impart an unhygienic appearance to the entire property be it residential or commercial. Do not hesitate to opt for professional help by reaching out to us on 0480031948 to have your queries resolved. Our team would help you with all the details you need alongside your free no-obligation quote.

Commercial Bird Removal Sydney Services for Businesses

Is your business property ridden with birds nesting material and their droppings? No business can thrive with the existence of pest birds or any traces of their existence. Any client, business party, or any other stakeholder would not like to deal with a business that has visible bird droppings, bird feathers, twigs, straws, and nesting material in the vicinity.

Quick Pest Control Sydney’s bird nesting services are your best bet against these issues created by common pest birds. Reach out to our team at any time for an appointment for the maintenance of your commercial business and to get longstanding and reliable solutions for the pest birds that have invaded your business.

We Provide the Same Day Appointments for Bird Nesting Removal

We understand how important Receiving same-day assistance from professional bird nesting control and removal specialists is for all our clients. This is why we provide same-day appointments to clients in need of the same. We do not charge anything extra to come and deliver our services to your location on the same day of the appointment. Reach out to us without delay if you have been experiencing similar challenges by way of pest birds on your property.

Tips To Prevent a Bird Nesting Infestation

These are a few precautions that when followed can help in controlling the whereabouts of nesting birds on your premises:

  • Do not provide the birds with shelter, food, or water. Providing them with food and water will make them keep coming to your property again and again.
  • Cover your trashcans securely with a metallic covering or heavy lid.
  • Cut down the overgrown foliage or trees which maybe provide birds with shelter for nesting and breeding in an easy manner. Likewise, do not plant trees that will attract pest birds.
  • Make sure to store food properly and prevent any spillage in any part of your property that will attract these pests.
  • Carry out gutter cleaning regularly to keep out the birds from entering the drains.
  • Place artificial sound machines that create whirring sounds. This will act as a deterrent to the birds and prevent them from making nests on your property.


1. Is bird removal and control expensive in Sydney?

No, it is not when you consult the right company! Quick Pest Control Sydney provides these services which are available at affordable rates. Speak to our team to get your free quote.

2. What are the commercial properties that you have serviced by far?

So far, we have provided efficient bird control and removal services to schools, hotels, warehouses, factories, government properties, and more.

3. What happens if you do not take any action against the birds nesting issue on the property?

If you don’t take action as soon as you discover the bird nesting problem, things can quickly get out of hand and your bird control problem might become much worse and more expensive than it initially was.

4. What is the easiest and most effective way to deal with bird nesting concerns?

Get in touch with Quick Pest Control Sydney on 0480031948 for fixing an appointment with the bird nesting control experts. Our team will visit your place and inspect it before implementing a treatment plan for eliminating birds and their nesting from your property.

5. What methods are the professional bird removal experts at Quick Pest Control Sydney acquainted with?

A variety of pest management methods, such as bird trapping, motion-activated sprinklers, lasers, netting, bird control agents, electronic bird deterrents, and many more, are used by our trained bird pest control specialists with competence and experience.

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