How Do I Get Rid Of Rats In My Roof In Sydney?

How Do I Get Rid Of Rats In My Roof In Sydney?

Rats and mice are pesky creatures. Their size allows them to squeeze into and travel through the tiniest of holes and openings. Since they move through gutters, chimneys, pipes, and cavities in walls and roofs they carry a lot of germs, pathogens, and microbes on them. As a result, they end up contaminating food, belongings, clothes, water, and any other object that they come in contact with. The Sydney area attracts a lot of rodents and mice in the colder periods. Hence it is important to keep your residential and commercial property free of such pests before they get a chance to cause a great deal of structural and financial damage.

Read this blog to know how you can get rid of rats residing in the roofs of your property:

What Are The Things That Invite Roof Rats To Your Property?

  • Homes that are surrounded by heavy shrubbery tend to have roof rats that can travel into the home.
  • Unnecessary clutter, wood piles, cardboard boxes, old newspaper piles, and old and yellowed magazines offer shelter to the rats and invite them into the hordes.
  • Homes with attics also attract rats and mice to the property.

Ways and Techniques to Get Rid of Rats from your Roof:

Below mentioned are some key techniques used by the best pest control Sydney companies for eliminating rats camping on roofs:


Baits are an easy solution to get rid of rats from roofs and other inaccessible places they keep moving in. However, you need to ensure that the rats trust the source and do not think of it as something suspicious. Peanut butter, berries, fruits, and dried fruit are some items that can be used as bait. The chemical ones used by pest control companies are anticoagulants which will make the rat bleed internally and die. Some baits may take longer to show the necessary effect when the rat population is large.


Traps come in the form of traditional snap traps and electronic traps. The traditional ones are highly effective and can be used to do away with a larger population of rats while the electronic ones are a more gentle option that serves the same purpose. The traditional snap traps are completely safe and non-toxic. You need to be careful to place these traps in specific locations that are not reachable to your children and pets. The carcasses locked in these traps can then be retrieved and disposed of. Glue traps are another method to trap rats. Glue traps are horizontal portions of cardboard layered with adhesives that hold the rat as soon as it comes in contact with it.

Ultrasonic repellents

These devices act to repel rodents from moving about or breeding in any location. These repellents give out an annoying and high-frequency sound which helps in keeping rats and mice off your property.

Wish to Try out Some Home remedies?

Try out the below-mentioned home remedies which can be carried out using easily available domestic ingredients to get rid of rats from your property:

Using ammonia – Mix water, ammonia, and detergent in a container and drizzle this solution in the areas frequented by the rats.

Essential oils – Dip several cotton swabs in the essential oil of your choice and place them in all the places that have been infested by these pests.

Tips to keep rats off of your property:

Compiled below are some important tips that would always help you in keeping rats off of your property all through the year:

  • Ensure all garbage bins and trash cans have secure lids and covers. Make sure your compost bins are secured properly too.
  • Do not allow food crumbs or other garbage to remain on the floor. Sweep the floor and collect all waste and junk regularly throughout the day.
  • Make sure to stock pet and animal foods in air-tight jars with proper closures. Follow the same rule for storing cereals and processed eatables.
  • Rats are attracted to properties and places that have an abundance of food and water. Do not forget to remove any stagnant water sources, including water fountains, dripping plumbing, open gutters, and bird baths, in addition to food sources like crumbs and scraps that also act as nourishment for these vermin.
  • Do not forget to trash out the garden waste including leaf litter, branches, and grass clippings as these could essentially be used by rats and other pests to make nests for themselves.
  • Fill up any cracks or fissures around the house even if very small with caulk.
  • Do not keep the pet food and water bowl outside throughout the night. Get it indoors.
  • Cover roof ducts and attic ventilators with panels.
  • To safeguard your fireplace, use a chimney cover.
  • Check for and shut openings near the sink, washing machine, dishwashers, etc.
  • Keep the vegetation near your property in a pruned and trimmed state. Make sure that their height is less than 3-4 feet from your roof. Doing so will take away any possible entry points for these pests. Make sure to pick out the fruits that fell off on the lawn before they are feasted on by the rats.
  • Remove any plants or vines that are spreading on or around the house. Reduce the number of bushes around your home to deter rats from utilizing them as shelter.

Consider opting for the services of a pest control Sydney professional company if despite all precautions and care you keep sighting rats wandering in your house or scurrying in the roof. There are chances that there is a bigger infestation at hand which would be easily identifiable to an experienced rodent control expert.

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