How Do You Get Rid Of Bees Once And For All?

How Do You Get Rid Of Bees Once And For All?

Bees are among the most important beings for many natural processes and its smooth functioning. However, honeybees can easily become a menace to humans when they wander into human territory. Of course, they can also cause painful bites, which makes many people desire to eliminate them as soon as they spot one. Bees are also an important part of the pollination process and hence their role in producing food for humans is significant. Hence, it is important to get rid of them without killing them once they have made hives or have taken shelter in your property. Know more about how to get rid of bees once and for all rather than having them killed:

1. Spraying Insecticides

The neurological system is attacked by nest spray. The spray will initially paralyze the bees before killing them completely. Carry out this process to eliminate the bee infestation on your property for good by using a nest spray.

  • Wear protective gear and be prepared for an assault while removing bees. Determine the type of bee you have and buy the appropriate spray (hornet, wasp, carpenter).
  • Squirt the bee nest at night, when the majority of the bees are sleeping. Check the nest on a regular basis to ensure that no new bees have entered.
  • Prevent skin contact and spray only outside or in a well-ventilated environment.

These sprays are hazardous to both humans and bees and hence need to be used carefully. Opting for professional assistance for bee removal in Sydney is, however, the better and safer option.

2. Using Vinegar Solution

You need to mix vinegar and water to create a solution that will help in trapping and drowning the bees. Place the bowl containing this solution at a location near the honeycombs or the hives. Alternatively, you can transfer this vinegar-water solution to a spray bottle and then squirt the whole nest with this spray. But you need to remember to wear protective gear including goggles and gloves to protect yourselves from getting stung by the bees. Spraying at night makes more sense as you can eliminate as many bees as possible without killing them. Make sure to get a spray that is suitable for the bee variety that has infested your property.

Consulting a bee control professional or business is better when your property is experiencing a severe bee infestation.

3. Setting a Trap to Catch Bees

This solution is useful if you are dealing with ground bees, carpenter and other bees nesting around your home. Trapping them catching them may be more beneficial. This is easy, non-hazardous and keeps you away from the hive. You might buy a bee trap or create your own at home by following these instructions!

  • Take a big soda bottle and chop off 5 and 7 inches from the top part of the bottle.
  • Turn the top over and insert it into the bottle’s mouth such that it gets a cone-shape.
  • Use tape, industrial adhesive, or anything else that can be used to hold the two sections firmly.
  • Fill the new box with a tasty solution that is preferably sugary for attracting bees to it.

4. Cinnamon Powder

Bees cannot stand the smell of cinnamon which can help you in getting rid of the honeybees in your property. All you need to do is to spray ground cinnamon in places near their hives. Cinnamon is an excellent spice that can be used as a bee repellent. Using this method means you drive the bees away without the usage of pesticides or poisonous chemicals. The results are not instant but you get rid of bees the natural way.

5. Getting Rid of Ground bees

If you have noticed ground bees in your garden, then spraying the lawn frequently can help in eliminating the bees. Dry soil is preferable for ground bees and if the soil remains moist frequently, the conditions for remaining there become unfavorable for the bees.

6. Professional bee control services

Professional Bees control Sydney companies have the required equipment and expertise to handle the bees safely and have them relocated to another location without harming them or anyone in the surroundings. With their immense knowledge and experience in managing harmful insects like bees, they can eliminate them from your residence or commercial property and provide them with a safer shelter. They take out the honeycombs from the hives without harming the queen or the worker bees. The honeycombs are then transferred into a different beehive after which all the bees follow and reach the other hive.

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