How Do You Get Rid Of Rats On Your Roof?

How Do You Get Rid Of Rats On Your Roof?

Have you been hearing unusual scratching noise that have been happening consistently and seems to be from inside your walls? Has your pet been acting strangely by noises from the roof? And did you spot a scurrying furry ball during night time? Chances are you have rats on your roof and are worried if it gets worse. Yes, it would be prudent to call rat control Sydney service experts as rats cannot be taken lightly as they spread infections and disease through contamination and also can do sizeable damage to your property. As a homeowner who has just discovered what rats can bring in, you might want to read on natural ways to deal with rats on your roof!

How Do You Get Rid Of Rats On Your Roof

Some Home Methods to Combat the Menace of Rats on Your Roof

We all really want to be less hassled about dead rats and would choose an easier way to get rid of them. Killing would be about poisoning them and with pets and children that it could be a risk as you never know what they will spot and see. There are a few natural repellents that can keep rodents at bay. Of course these can lessen their activity but for complete eradication hiring rat control Sydney service specialists is the practical and wise option when infestation is severe.

Peppermint oil: First spot the probable areas of rat activity. Dip cotton balls in peppermint oil and keep these balls and spread in that area. The smell is a natural repellent where rats are concerned and if you prefer you might also try the same method with castor or citronella oil which too drives rats away. But make sure to reapply frequently.

Mothballs: This handy remedy is a great deterrent for rats as its toxic. So simply keep a handful of them around basement, store, roof, attic, yard, garage or any area where rats frequent or you suspect their presence.

Pepper flakes: Pepper flakes have a strong odor and rats do not like it. It also makes the air heavy for them causing breathing issues. So sprinkling some in and around gaps and holes they frequent is effective.

Onion and garlic: The pungent and overpowering smell of garlic and onions are very overwhelming for rats. So keeping slices of onions and garlic at areas they have been seen keeps them away and they avoid it all together. But these kept over time will start rotting, so replace them after a few days, throwing away the old lot as they might be harmful for your house pets and children.

Using instant potato powder: Rats are always looking to eat and sprinkle instant potato powder is a good remedy to control them. When you leave the powder in rat infested area, the rats consume the powder which reaches their intestine and causes inflammation inside, killing the rats in the process. Of course it might get messy if you think you have to dispose their bodies. In such cases calling rat control Sydney service professionals would be needed as they remove dead bodies and do a professional disinfection to revive the freshness of the affected areas.

Ammonia: Ammonia is a potent repellent whose strong scent drives rats away. In a bowl blend 2 cups of regular ammonia, 2 tablespoons detergent and ¼ cup water. Now place this bowl in rat infested places in your home.

Other Things You Need To Do To Keep Rats at Bay

Seal entry points: If you spot rips in screens, cracks , crevices, gaps in walls, roof or in areas that may serve as rat entry points immediately repair and seal those areas to prevent them from rushing in as rats multiply quickly.

Do not leave pet food around: Rats are forever hungry and look out to steal anything including meals served for your pets. So do not leave the pet feeding bowl or dish filled with food outside, bring it in and keep pet food in tightly lidded containers.

Take care how you store in your sheds and garage: For garden lovers, keeping your seeds and fertilizer supplies in sealed containers is necessary as they are attractive food sources for rats. Avoid storing firewood in garage or shed, as this is a great nesting site for the pesky rodents.

Trim tree branches: Rats get to the roof through many ways including tree branches that extend from your external garden or yard onto the roof. So cut off long branches or trim them to keep sizeable distance from roof that will prevent rats from climbing and gaining entry into your roof.

Keep garbage in covered bins: Rats love rummaging through filth, garbage and trash and eventually gain entry. So keeping all discards and garbage in metal lidded bins helps in keeping them away.

Engage professional rat removal or extermination service: If you fear extreme activity of rats in your roof and are confused about how to tackle them, hire in a rat control Sydney service experts will minimize your worry as they have the expertise and experience to do a thorough extermination leaving you and your property stress and rat free.

Keep hedges and bushes trimmed: Trim well the bushes and hedges in your external spaces keeping their underneath areas open and exposed so that rats may not take refuge. Store firewood a foot off the ground and avoid brush piles in your exteriors as it encourages rats to build their nests.


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