How Do You Make Bees Go Away Without Getting Stung?

How Do You Make Bees Go Away Without Getting Stung?

Bees are extremely important not as honey producers but also as pollinators that use their fuzzy fur to transfer and carry pollen from one plant to another. While they are in general not aggressive and stick to their activities but they do sting occasionally more out of self-protection. Human activities in the garden or yards like lawn mowing can make bees feel threatened. This makes them hover, chase and occasionally sting humans. Stings generally happen once but can be very painful and this can happen to you, your children, your pets or even visiting guests and friends! So in case you are edgy about bee stings and their presence keep handy contacts of Bee control Sydney service providers who come and do efficient combat wearing protective gear using state-of-the-art techniques and methods that ensure bee free environment for you.

There are many ways you can avoid stings from bees and remove them. Professional Bee Removal Sydney service experts have the skill and experience to remove bees in a safe way and they use various techniques that are guaranteed to give results. There are some home remedies or tips too which you might try that too can prove very useful to keep these buzzing characters out of your property.

Bee Control Sydney

Bee Control Sydney

How Does Bee control Sydney Experts Remove Them Naturally?

Often many people out of fear and panic resort to harsh measures when threatened by bees by burning bee hives. But you know these bees are important too! They play a major role in our ecological balance. They pollinate and of course, give us the ever-nutritious and therapeutic honey that heals so many health issues apart from even making us look beautiful being used in skincare products. So let’s see the humane ways of saving ourselves and also removing bees without killing them.

Smoke: This is one of the most effective and safest ways to drive bees away from your premises and hives. At the sight of smoke, bees feel their nests are at fire risk and they move off in search of a new dwelling. So take paper, rotten wood, and cardboard and light them in an open area below the bee nest or hive. You might try to spread smoke directly on the hive using an incinerator. You should not attempt this anytime during the day. Bees might have gone out of their hives. Wait till dark when all are inside their combs and then use smoke to get all of them at one go. Remember to close all windows and doors of your home before you start smoking the hives as they can enter through these back inside. After smoking it usually takes around 10 hours for the bees to fully leave their hives.

Call in a bee control Sydney expert:

This is probably the best option should you know a beekeeper. They have a natural way and skill to deal with bees with minimum harm to them. They can be excellent preservers and not only remove the bees and hives but do this with no killing. So if you know a beekeeper, wait no further. They even excel at bee removal than Bees control Sydney service specialists as they often are passionate environmentalists too who value ecological balance.

Vinegar Sprays: Bees have a very strong sense of smell and are naturally repelled by the smell of vinegar which is pungent and acidic. Use a mix of vinegar and water in equal parts. Spray this liberally when the bees are resting inside their hives at night. This will very effectively drive them away. Also keeping rags dipped in the above solution is effective.


Moth Balls: If you want to ensure there are no bees in your premises and external yards use moth ball pouches and hang them. This repels bees and keeps them away.

Garlic: Being odor sensitive bees get very ticked off by garlic scents. So use a solution of crushed garlic and water and spray this on the areas they inhabit. They would soon seek better pastures since garlic is strong.

Cinnamon powder: Like garlic bees do not like cinnamon which too has a distinct smell. So sprinkling cinnamon powder around their nest daily for a week will slowly make them leave.

Citronella: This is again a great control measure that not only keeps bees away but also repels mosquitoes. So this is very useful and an option you can surely try in the form of a spray or essential oil dabbed into rags or cloths hung. Citronella candles are also another option that can be effective. Likewise, bitter almond oil poured into a cloth and kept in a windy outdoorsy area repels bees.

It is advisable at day end to also self-protect. In trying to do all this remember to use protective gear like overalls, or buttoned-up covered clothes, a hat, and a face net if possible. And still, you always have that magic button –call in Bee removal Sydney service experts who will take over and do their act while you simply take it easy and release stress.

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