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Expert Possum Removal West Wollongong

Possums are native species of Australia that pose no risk to humans. When possums invade your house, they wreak havoc on your premises. However, they carry plenty of germs and bacteria that can risk your health as well as the health of your loved ones. If you have a possum infestation on your residential premises or in your commercial space and are seeking reliable possum removal experts in West Wollongong. Get in touch with Quick Pest Control Sydney right away.

Experts at possum removal West Wollongong offer tailor-made, reasonable, and same-day possum elimination services in West Wollongong. They design the most suitable plan of action after thoroughly examining the intensity of the pest infestation. With skillful pest control and elimination services, our approved possum removal West Wollongong experts are the best option to catch and eliminate possums from your house in the most humane way possible.

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    Risks Associated with Possum Infestation

    The rise in population, coupled with a decrease in natural territories such as hollow trees and shrubs has caused such creatures to relocate to cities and the countryside. Possums are protected species in Australia. So, it is not possible to kill them with baits or pesticides. But, their presence in a house or commercial building can be risky. Timely removal of possums must be done by licensed experts to avoid legal issues. Here is why you should get the possums removed as early as possible:

    • Possums are not aggressive and they don’t bite humans. But, they can carry some pests and parasites on their bodies. The parasites can spread several diseases such as Coccidiosis, Tularemia, Tuberculosis, etc.

    • Possums can snatch away peace of mind by making chaos in the house. They can push the trash bins, spoil the garden and leave urine stains on the roof. Possums invade your houses and shelter in roofs and basements and cause a great amount of destruction to the structural installations of your property. Since possums are nocturnal creatures, they stay dormant during the day and are most active during night time.

    • These pests make many kinds of noises to communicate with each other. These noises can disturb your peaceful sleep at night.

    Risks Associated with Possum Infestation

    If you don’t want the possums to trouble you, simply hire the possum removal experts from Quick Pest Control West Wollongong. Our experts have the tools and techniques. They would remove the possums within a few minutes.

    Signs of Possum Infestation

    Possums are really quick. They hide quickly and it can be hard to catch them. It is necessary to recognise them on time. Otherwise, they would increase in number. Confused about how to identify the possum infestation? Here is how you can do it:

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    Firstly, check the building properly. You would notice signs like urine stains and faeces, and possum hair in some corners.

    Instant Cockroach Removal

    Next, see whether there is an unpleasant smell or not. Possums release odours to interact with others. The smell could be helpful in identifying possum infestation.

    Instant Cockroach Removal

    Loud sounds like hissing, screeching, and scratching can be heard from the possums.

    Instant Cockroach Removal

    If the pet food often gets disappeared from the bowl, you can confirm the presence of possums.

    Did you discover any of these signs? Contact Quick Pest Control West Wollongong to hire specialists.

    Advantages of Hiring Possum Removal Professionals

    If you feel that you can catch the possum alone, then you might be making a mistake here. It is necessary to hire pest removal West Wollongongexperts especially when it comes to possums. Have a look at the benefits of hiring professionals for possum removal:

    • The experts know about the behaviour, food habits, and habitats of possums. They can easily look at the signs of infestation and find out all the possums hidden on your property.
    • Experts can relocate the possums to a better place.
    • Professionals know the rules and regulations related to possum removal.

    Possums Hide In Which Places?

    Possums can hide in a variety of locations, depending on the circumstances. Possums might decide to hide underneath huge and sturdy objects like a log of wood or a tree if they feel intimidated or scared. They may also seek sanctuary in a burrow, or also may just prefer to remain in their nest if they feel at ease.

    The Types Of Possums That We Catch?

    Common brushtail possums, common ringtail possums, green tail possums, and stripped possums are some types of possums that are caught by Quick Pest Control Sydney possum removal experts.

    Brush Tail Possum

    These possum types have fuzzy tails and spikey ears. They also have scent glands in their chests.

    Feather Tail Possum

    Their tail is feather-like and with taut hair. This possum type has a body that helps it to glide over for a specific distance.

    Ring Tail Possum

    They have colourful prehensile and long tails and a cream-shaded stomach. They also have white spots behind the eyes.

    Green Tail Possum

    These possums are on the heavier side along with an olive green coloured fleece.

    Pygmy Possum

    They have a round head and large eyes, ears, and whiskers. They also have a prehensile tail and is frequently misconstrued as a rat or mouse.

    Stripped Possum

    This possum has a black and white striped body. Their toes are long and fuzzy.

    What Is The Cost Of Possum Removal?

    The removal and evacuation of possums from any property are determined by several factors. The damage and the destruction caused by these pests is a deciding factors of the costs as the reparation costs on part of possum removal Sydney professionals also need to be taken into account. Similarly, the costs are also dependent on the size of the property, the extent and number of possums to be removed, and the setting up of any products for protecting the property from possum infestation in the future.

    Possums: What Are They?

    Possums are small nocturnal animals living in trees and other dark places on a property. Common brushtail possums and common ringtail possums are the 2 common varieties of these animals in Australia. Many of the species of this variety are on the verge of going extinct due to deforestation for building human habitats and agricultural land. Hence, they are a protected species under Australian law. These pests can feed on trash, fish, meat, sweets, and a number of other items.

    Get in touch with a possum removal expert such as Quick Pest Control Sydney if you are experiencing possum invasion on your property.

    Possums Dislike What Smell?

    Possums are timid creatures. They react negatively to a variety of stimuli, the most common of which being sight and scent, and even touch. Read ahead to know what the smells they dislike:
    • Plants that smell, such as lavender, chrysanthemums, agapanthus, mint bushes, rosemary, geraniums, citrine plants, and daisies.
    • They dislike the smell of pyrethrum which when sprayed on other plants can be useful in repelling possums and saving your fruits and flowers.
    • Spotlights, porch lights, and party lights are examples of bright lights.
    • Possums are extremely distressed when they are being relocated
    • They dislike the smell of camphor, fish, mothballs, onion, garlic, etc.
    • They dislike the taste of molasses, hot peppers, mustard, black tea, and more.

    What Attracts Possums To Your Property?

    Possums have been forced to turn towards human habitats due to the rampant spread of urbanization and development. The breaking down of the forests and jungles that offer them habitation also has caused them to move towards spaces in the cities. These are the things that attract possums to your property:

    • They are attracted to properties that have gum trees as the leaves of these trees are their favourite.
    • They also like to devour gardenia, roses, fuchsias, fruits, leaves, and buds. If your garden has plentiful of them the possums will be drawn to your property.
    • Properties that have a constant supply of pet food, bird food, and fruit trees are also attractive to pests such as possums.

    Our Process of Possum Removal in West Wollongong

    Possum removal West Wollongong specialists have the safest and most effective process for removing possums from your premises. We give emergency possum removal services all across West Wollongongas well as its surrounding. Possum removal specialists follow the standard practices and a step-wise process to eliminate possums from your property.

    Process of Possum Removal in West Wollongong


    Process of Possum Removal in West Wollongong

    Possum control West Wollongongprofessionals will arrive at your doorstep in a couple of hours and will soon begin a thorough inspection of your property. They will thoroughly assess the severity of the infestation and the amount of loss that has been inflicted on your property. Experts will also recognize what kind of possum species is residing in your house or workplace and only will they share with you the best and the most efficient method to effectively eliminate the possum from your premises.

    Possum Removal Plan

    According to the examination, possum removal West Wollongongexperts will formulate a tailored, same-day and reliable procedure to eliminate these pests from your West Wollongongproperty. The program comprises the elimination method, the timeline of the complete removal process, and other essentials that are required to promptly remove the possums from your residence or workplace.

    Process of Possum Removal in West Wollongong

    Possum Removal

    Process of Possum Removal in West Wollongong

    As outlined, possum control West Wollongongexperts will identify the spot where possums can be hidden in your property and will eliminate them as quickly as possible making sure that possums are not injured in any way. To capture possums, specialists normally use wire mesh traps to catch possums. Possum removal specialists have access to all the advanced machines and tools that are required to eliminate the possums from your premises in a reliable and swift manner.

    So, if you are annoyed with possum infestation and want to get rid of them as soon as possible, you must take immediate action and reach out to Possum control West Wollongongservices to avail advantage of the best possum removal and control services. Apart from West Wollongong, we also provide possum removal in Sydney. So, if you have a possum hiding in your home and are exhausted from the endless irritating noises, immediately get in touch with our specialists and leave the rest to us. We will take care of the pest infestation for you, making sure your place is safe and healthy to occupy.

    Why Choose Quick Pest Control Sydney?

    At Quick Pest Control, we help you to get rid of rodents. We are a team of professionals who provide possum removal West Wollongongthrough a comprehensive inspection, mesh cage, and baiting system. With the help of our certified team, we offer the best solution for possum control West Wollongong. Call our team on 0480031948 today for express booking queries.
    • Our skilled and well-versed team makes your surroundings hassle-free. Quick Pest Control has the technical qualified staff to manage your possum infestation.
    • We take care of your children and pets while taming the possum.
    • We’ve been dealing with possum eradication for years.
    • We offer prompt and effective possum control West Wollongong.
    • We defend both metropolitan and non-metro regions in West Wollongong.
    • We have experts that have been certified and are accredited.
    • On our part, we offer same-day and emergency services.
    • Our specialists have full government accreditation and a possum regulation licence.
    • For possum Removal West Wollongong, our experts employ cutting-edge gear.
    • We guarantee a perfect outcome and complete client satisfaction.

    Possum Removal from Residences

    If you are looking for trustworthy possum removal West Wollongong experts, then get in touch with us. We specialise in providing a variety of pest control services. Our company is certified and licensed. We would make your home possum-free within a few hours. We would also remove the dead possums. Our procedure would be safe for kids and pets.

    Possum Removal Service for Commercial Places

    To protect your employees and customers from diseases, you must take serious steps against possum infestation. You can call Quick Pest Control West Wollongong. The experts would reach your commercial place at the correct time. If you want, you can hire them on weekends so that the work schedule is not disturbed. We would make sure that the possums are removed from every corner of the property.

    Affordable Possum Removal in West Wollongong

    Low-cost yet best-class pest control services can be booked at Quick Pest Control. We deliver the best result without taking too many days. Whether you are a house owner or a business owner, feel free to contact us. We would send a quote according to your requirements. There will be no hidden charges. So, call us today for more details.

    Same Day & Emergency Possum Removal Service

    When possums become too problematic, their immediate removal becomes necessary. If possums are posing threat to your health, seek help from our possum removal West Wollongongprofessionals. We would arrive at the destination within a few hours. On the same day of booking, you would get rid of the possums. Our bookings are open 24/7. So, take the first step against pests by booking our treatments.

    How to Keep Possums Away from Property?

    It is not that difficult to prevent possums. There are some simple things that even our experts suggest. Try to implement these things in your lifestyle and the problem of possum infestation would reduce at your home:

    • Block all the entry points.
    • Grow plants like mint, germanium, and chrysanthemum to keep the possums away from the garden.
    • Trim tall trees to prevent the possums from climbing up the roof.
    • Remove standing water from all places.
    • To cover the fruits and plants, you can use chicken wires. This step would restrict the possum from getting food sources.
    • Bright lighting is disliked by possums.
    • Never keep the garbage open and completely stuffed with trash.

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Possum Removal West Wollongong

    1. What can I do to keep possums out of my garden?

    Ans. To deter possums from entering your backyard at night, keep food and water items, such as pet dishes and bird feeders, out of sight. Scare tactics and a strong fence may all be used to keep possums at bay. Install barriers on the stems of fruit trees to keep rodents from climbing them.

    2. Will you be attacked by possums?

    Ans. Although possums are not often violent or cruel, they have been seen to harm people. If they have to guard themselves, possums will strike back and attack to protect their young.

    3. How can I keep possums from jumping around on my roof?

    Install a light in the roof structure and leave it on for many days and nights to entice the possum out. You can always hire Quick Pest Control as we would provide you with Possum Removal West Wollongongservices

    4. Will possums harm your home?

    Ans. When possums reside in a house or loft, they may do significant damage. They require nesting material and, being wild creatures, their behaviour is unpredictable and changeable. Possum waste is perhaps the most critical “harm” produced by possums.

    5. What plants do possums hate?

    Ans. Possum repellents made from natural materials, Planting citronella variants, lavender, agapanthus, and rosemary shrubs around your vegetable patch may deter possums.

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