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Silverfish control Sydney should be a priority for home & office owners because silverfish influx anywhere in your personal space is a torture. Pests can potentially damage your belongings & create mess. Petite pests like silverfish can do well in all kinds of climate & mostly dwell in dark & damp spaces in your home/office. Therefore extermination of such pests is only possible by hiring specialists like Quick Pest Control.

We have been serving proficient & versatile pest solutions to domestic & commercial clients within their means. With our quality resources & licensed technicians we can execute silverfish control in Sydney efficiently & smoothly.


Silverfish are not really fishes but insects that feed on fungus & organic matter. They are shiny grey in color and have elongated structure; mostly live in cracks & voids. Silverfish are very quick & small in size, this makes it difficult to get hold of them and therefore in order to get away with silverfish infestation it is significant to avail professional silverfish control Sydney.

Need for Silverfish Control Sydney

Silverfish infestation at home or office can be highly unsafe & destructive to life & property for the following reasons.

  • Silverfish attracts other pests kike carpet beetles, moreover they fall prey to other pests like rodents, mice, lizards etc. thus making way for more pests to enter your space & infest the entire home/office
  • Silverfish feed on paper & silk, they end up damaging your clothes, curtains, bed sheets, important documents in the office & even books from your library.
  • Hiring professionals like Quick Pest Control is important as silverfish scale walls, ceilings & wallpapers.
  • Silverfish live in cracks & lay eggs there; once they set up an entire colony in your house your furniture, walls & floorings will have cracks & can also cause collapse of the foundation of your home or building.
  • Although silverfish do not spread diseases they may trigger allergies in some humans. Their ability to attract other pests like rodents can lead to outbreak of diseases like jaundice & cholera and even illness to kids & senior citizens at home.
  • They can get into sealed food containers and contaminate food at large.

Evidently silverfish infestation can cause havoc in your space & create an unfavorable environment to work & live in.

Identifying Silverfish Infestation

Initiating silverfish extermination is impossible without identification of infestation. Though our team at Quick Pest Control inspects your home carefully prior the treatment here are some tips that can help you identify silverfish infestation in your home/office:

  • Skin sheds and droppings of silverfish appear similar to pepper; so in case you notice something like pepper you may have silverfish at home
  • Silverfish make holes in clothes & wallpapers when they feed on them so this can be an indicator of silverfish infestation
  • They leave yellow stains on clothes an day even cause discoloration on curtains, beddings, clothes etc
  • Starchy food is what silverfish like, so spaces with gum or glue may be infested by silverfish.
  • They feed on paper hence paper boxes, library at home/office are certain spaces that need to be regularly checked for silverfish influx.

Methods Used for Silverfish Extermination

Extermination of silverfish is a critical task due to their tiny & rapid structure. Our experts utilize the best suitable method in the process of silverfish control. Sydney’s finest resources are used to perform following methods of extermination:

Baits– our team places baits for silverfish to attract silverfish. They consume it & die on the spot after consumption. Mostly Invict Xpress & Intice Perimeter 10 are some common baits used in the process

Pesticide spray– this is the most common technique of eradicating pests from home/office. Pesticides are sprayed all over the house to kill silverfish & eliminate the risks they bring in. The pesticide solution is allowed to dry properly as it serves as a repellent to keep silverfish away.

Fumigation method– fumes are created using a fumigation machine and pumped into affected spaces. These fumes reach in all nooks & corners and eradicate silverfish completely.

For effective silverfish control in Sydney spraying & fuming solutions are to be carefully & generously applied everywhere especially behind & beneath upholstery, on walls and also on the outdoors.

Handy tips for Silverfish Control Sydney

Timely dusting & vacuuming of home/office to prevent dust & maintain tidiness

Store food in air tight containers

Store clothes & fabric upholstery in an air tight pouch to prevent silverfish occurrence.

Check litter & trash and dispose it off on time and away from house

Clean closets, bookshelves, pantry & cupboards regularly

Seal cracks and gaps inside & outside the house in order to restrict silverfish.

Drop a line to Quick Pest Control’s professionals without any delay at the first sign of silverfish infestation. We can help you keep silverfish far away from your work & personal space with our commendable silverfish control Sydney. For free inspection & express booking get in touch with us at 0480031948

Why Us?

Besides being the leading supplier of pest control solutions in Sydney Quick Pest Control provides you with:

Timely services- Our team is available 24/7 on weekends & public holidays to provide pest management. Furthermore we serve same day & emergency pest control services all over the city

Eco-friendly pest control– We aim to serve finest pest control without harming the environment & your belonging by using organic, pet safe & child safe pesticides in the process.

Trained technicians- In order to perform a critical task like pest control we send trained & qualified technicians at your doorstep. They also undergo background checks for your safety.

Honest pricing- we deliver our services at honest & affordable rates. no hidden charges & express booking to all our customers.

Impressive results– we have been successfully helping our clients with their pest problems. The results are unmatched and impressive, and the effect is long lasting.

Latest tools– only mechanized & high tech tools are used in the process to provide you with best pest control in Sydney.


  1. Can silverfish damage documents kept in drawers?

Silverfish can easily get access to documents or any kind of paper in the drawer. They feed on paper and seek for it all the time; so it is not a surprise if you find you documents ruined due to silverfish infestation

  1. Do we need to clean the house before treatment?

There is no need to clean home before treatment but vacuuming ahead of the treatment can make our job easier.

  1. How often should I avail pest control?

In order to maintain the hygiene & cleanliness of your home/office you should opt for pest control treatment once a year. In case of recurring pest infestation or pets at home avail treatment twice a year.


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